How to unlock the temporary locked Instagram account

When you are getting too much Instagram data with a relatively short interval, Instagram could temporarily lock your account. In this case, the extension pauses the data collection and shows the message as on the picture below. 

This lock is just temporary, and you can always unlock your account following the procedure described in this article. However, if you want to collect the following/followers of a public account, you can use any other account for this purpose, even recently created.

Please take into account that the ban could happen when your finished data collection, in this case you can get the "Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked" when you navigate to

To get your account unlocked, switch to the tab where Instagram is opened and refresh this tab. Alternatively you can also open a new tab and navigate to the You will see the "Your Account Has Been Temporarily Locked" message as on the picture below. 

Even if the message says about phishing attack, it is not valid. The extension does not know your Instagram password, and it does not send your Instagram password or any authentication information somewhere.

Click the Continue button. 

You will see the "Help Us Confirm You Own This Account". 

Select the option how you want to get the security code: phone or email. If you do not have the phone number and only the email linked to the account, you may be asked to provide the phone number. However it would be better if you link the email and phone number to your Instagram account before starting using the extension. We would advise you to use the email address whenever possible because after the several challenges, the code receiving to the email will not be offered more. From our observations, Instagram sends the code to the phone a limited amount of times per a month, maybe three or four times. When you are not getting the code to your phone number anymore, you can provide another phone number. But be careful, because by changing the phone number, you can get your account deactivated. If your account is inactivated, the reactivation could take several weeks, and you will be asked to provide more information about yourself and send your selfie. Therefore it is better not to get into this issue, and if you resolved the challenge two or three times using the phone number in a short time, it is safer to stop using this account for a while and continue the data collection with another Instagram profile. 

Click the "Send Security Code" button.

Enter your security code and click the Submit button.

You will be asked to create a new password. 

You will not be allowed to enter the old password.

Enter the new password and click the Next button.

When you can return to the extension tab and click "RESUME the process" button.

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