How to avoid your favorite Instagram account getting locked

If you collect a lot of data, especially with the short interval, you can get the temporary lock from Instagram. Please read this article to learn how to unlock the Instagram account. Suppose your account gets locked when the extension collects data. In that case, the extension automatically pauses the data collection. You can unlock your account and resume the data collection in the extension by clicking the "Resume the process" button. 

However, in any case, please be careful and consider using the Instagram account that you can afford to lose. Therefore, you can create a new Instagram account, even several new Instagram accounts, just for data collection purposes. Optionally, to make it look more real, add the profile pictures and bio, and publish several posts. We recommend to add the email address and phone number to your Instagram account (it will help you to unblock your account if you get the temporary lock from Instagram). 

The same instance of the extension could be used with different Instagram accounts. Also, during the data collection after some amount of data collected, you can log out and log in with another Instagram account. If you decided to switch Instagram account, before logging in consider to: